If you’ve never experienced the sheer force and the massive damage a hail storm can inflict on your roof, then you only need to imagine Tiger Woods driving 1000s of golf balls at it. Sure, your roof may have already survived a hailstorm, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t damaged. To make sure that there will be no leaks the next time it rains, you need to hire a professional roofer who can check your roof for damage. Once the roofer finishes inspecting the roof, he will also give you a Hail Damage Roof Estimate Kansas City. 

What to check when inspecting your roof for damage:

1. Sealant erosion

2. Loss of roof granules

3. Damaged fiberglass

Hail damage: Evidence

It’s important to bear in mind that hail does indeed vary in size and this means that the amount of damage it can inflict on your roof varies as well. If the hail is large, then you can expect the damage to be significant as well. That doesn’t mean though that smaller hail may not damage your roof. In fact, even hail that’s less than 0.5 inch in size can severely damage your roof. With that in mind, below we’re going to take a closer look at what a professional roofer will check after your roof has been through a hailstorm:

Sealant erosion: When installing a roof, shingles are not only glued, but also nailed in order to decrease the chances of them falling off and injuring someone. During a hail storm, the hail will damage the sealant which reduces the seal and increases the chance of shingles falling off.

Loss of roof granules: Are you aware of the fact that your roof is actually covered with very small granules? These will not only protect the roof from the sun, but also from bad weather, and they can also prevent fire. In fact, it’s these small granules that give the shingles their color. If some of the granules on the roof get blown away, then your roof will become open to the things it was designed to keep out.

Damaged fiberglass: Fiberglass is used when installing roofs to improve structural integrity, but also as an extra insulation layer. If the roof above the fiberglass experiences damage, then this leaves your roof at risk for a wide range of problems. Small animals, but also moisture, and mold may invade your home. As a result, you may deal with unwanted nuisances, but also a spike in your bills.

What can I do if my roof was damaged by hail?

Check the damage: This is common sense, but your roofing technician will do a much better job when it comes to fixing your roof if they know exactly how damaged your roof is. Rest assured, since you don’t need to know everything. Just by seeing just how much your roof was damaged and what parts of it and then articulating that to the roofer, he’ll know exactly what tools and materials to bring in order to fix it as soon as possible.

Once the roofer arrives at your address, he’ll start working towards fixing the roof. Whether a few shingles or a few dozen shingles have been damaged, the roofer will proceed to removing and replacing them right away. If the damage is extensive, then the roofer may suggest that you replace the entire roof. You can opt between repairing and replacing your roof, but if the damage is significant and you want to repair it instead of replacing the roof, then there is a chance you may experience problems with it later on.

In order to fix the damaged shingles, the shingles around the area will also need to be removed. This means removing the sealant, the nails, and eventually reinforcing them back in. Repairing a shingle is very simple, but when several shingles or more have been damaged, then it’s recommended that you simply replace the roof. After all, if the roof is significantly damaged and you want to make sure you won’t need to worry about repairing it anytime soon, then you should heed the roofer’s advice and replace it.

In terms of cost, a roof repair may cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars or several thousand dollars or more if you have to replace the roof.

A hail storm can be very dangerous for your roof and even your home. If your roof has been damaged by hail, then you need to hire an experienced roofer. Call Acord Roofing or request a quote today and we will either repair the damaged shingles or replace the entire roof as soon as possible.


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