Your roof protects your home, your family and your possessions so you want to be sure it is in great condition. Professional roofing contractors will do more than take a look at it from the ground. They will perform a thorough inspection, notifying the homeowner of any immediate concerns. Get your roof inspected and save yourself some headaches down the road.  Roofing Contractors Kearney MO

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Most people do not think of their roof often as they go about their day-to-day lives. However, this part of the house represents the most important thing protecting you, your family, and property from expensive and dangerous problems. Time, wind, rain, ice, and fallen branches threaten, but you may not notice any visible damage until more serious issues occur. Professional roofing contractors in Kearney MO can not only inspect and identify roof problems, but they can also repair them before they get worse.

What Roofing Contractors Look For

Whether you suspect there is damage or not, it makes sense to get regular inspections of your roof in Kearney MO. The mid-west is where harsh weather and temperatures can shorten the life expectancy of any shingles.

Professional roofing experts inspect:

Shingles or shakes

Flashing around chimneys and skylights

Downspouts and gutters

Wood inside under the roof

They look for any type of damage that you cannot see from the ground outside.

Cracked, Curled, and Bald Shingles


This type of damage occurs from weather like ice build up, hailstones falling, or heavy wind. Water finds a way into your home if shingles are not perfect and laid tightly.

Loose or Bent Flashing 


Anywhere a chimney, vent, or skylight interrupts the roof surface is a possible point of entry for moisture, mold, or even insects. The flashing surrounding these spots must be flat, unbroken, and well-sealed.

Sagging, Bent, or Separated Gutters and Downspouts


Although not specifically part of the roof, damaged gutters can prevent rainwater or snow melt from getting down to the ground quickly. If ice dams or heavy snow build up, it can push back under the roof materials.This can cause structural damage and encourage mold growth.

Water Damage on Interior Wood 

Everyone knows that wet wood rots, grows mildew and mold, and makes the structure weaker. A professional roofing contractor who provides an in-depth inspection should always check inside the roof for potential problems. This is most often in the attic space where the roof trusses or beams are fully exposed. Discolorations, dampness, or any growths are cause for concern.

Even the smallest problem can create huge headaches down the road that not only threaten the structural integrity of your home but may also cost a very large amount of money to fix. Prevent serious issues by calling in experienced roof professionals to perform a quality inspection.

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