Repairing your roof after a storm is a common thing in Platte City, Missouri. Roofers in Platte City have come to help the residents of Platte City repair their roofs after the devastating effects of mother nature. When the severe weather hits, your roof is put under a lot of pressure from rain, hailstones, wind, snow and much more which can cause devastating effects. The roof plays a crucial role in keeping our homes warm and protected from harmful weather conditions.

The storm doesn’t have to produce torrents of rains to warrant a repair. The wind alone is capable of causing damage to the roof. Almost all storms have a straight burst of wind moving at speeds of 50-60 mph. It is always important to check the extent of damage to the roof when the storm is over. When a storm hits, check your roof to see what can be done to prevent further damage before scheduling a repair service with Acord Roofing.

Rain Damage: Rain on your roof can cause worn out materials or old tiles cracking further. Such weak points or cracks can lead to leakage and structural damage. Ensure they are well covered before the storm. Otherwise, you will suffer huge losses.

Hail Damage: The roof must be strong enough to withstand the continual pounding of hailstones. Chips and cracks on the roof can worsen if not repaired early. A hailstorm can cause significant structural damage if your roof is aged before a storm.

Some of the issues that can be caused by rain and hailstones include:

• Damaged flashing
• Missing or chipped shingles
• Interior leakage
• Structural damage by trees/branches falling on the roof
• Damaged fascia
• Damaged drainage system or gutter

High Winds: Most buildings are built to withstand winds more than 100 mph. However, weakened or aging wood might not withstand such high speeds of wind colliding with your roof constantly. Your roof structure must be in good condition every year to be able to withstand such storms.

Snow Damage: Snow is probably the worst type of weather your roof can withstand. It is not the issue of snow running down the roof and melting but the extra weight it puts on the roof. We have seen roofs in Platte City collapse due to the weight of heavy snow.

What to do when your roof is damaged in Platte City.

The first thing every homeowner must do is assess the extent of the damage. This can be done by walking around your house in search of any dislodged shingles or debris on the roof. Check for objects on the ground like branches that usually hit the roof before falling. Check the valleys, drainage pipes and the outer edges of your roof for damage. Proper measures must be taken when assessing the damage. Use a strong ladder and avoid stepping on your roof as you don’t know whether the roof is stable or unstable. Assess the flashing and gutter before documenting everything and giving Acord Roofing a call for repair.

Once you’ve noticed the damage call Acord Roofing for temporary repair and assessment of the damage. Delaying most of the repairs will cost further in renovations, possible injury, and interior property damage. Lastly, you have to notify your home insurance company to be able to file a claim.

With Storm season in full swing don’t forget to call Acord Roofing today to speak with a qualified roofing professional for all of your storm roof repair needs or request an estimate here.

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