Roofing Company Kansas City NorthlandHomeowners should consider several factors when building their roofs,  especially when it comes to the roof’s quality. They need to ensure that their roofs are of the highest quality just as they do for the foundations upon which their houses are built. Ensuring a quality roof that can adequately protect everything from the home’s exterior to all the contents in the interior is vitally important. Poor quality roofs can allow inclement weather issues such as leakages from heavy rains that can cause costly damages.  Poor installation of the roof may even cause the need for a total roof replacement or major repairs after only a short period, which can end up being a very costly lesson for the homeowner.

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Why Quality Roofing Material Matters

People should consider the quality of roofing material as a prime concern since a wrong choice means that the homeowner may be in need of a roof replacement much sooner than expected. Therefore, they should select the material, not based on price alone, but also based on endurance. Here are some high-quality options and their benefits to help homeowners weigh the right choice from the wide variety of alternatives available.

Metal roofs

Residential metal roofing is one of the fastest growing segments of home improvement for a Kansas City northland roofing company.   Metal roofs allow homeowners to upgrade their homes with the added benefit of lasting value.  While other roofs quickly diminish in value as they age, metal roofs provide long lasting benefits.

These roofs have a higher initial installation cost, but they are still popular in Kansas City because the investment equals out when homeowners consider the long term cost.  Metal roofs will last much longer as compared to conventional roofs. These roofs considerably increase the value and longevity of the home.

Their ability to withstand all types of weather and resistance to mildew, moss, insect and termites guarantees durability to the buyer. They do not demand frequent maintenance as they are not quick to deteriorate.

Metal roofs are among the types of quality roofing that offer the added advantage of energy efficiency. Their heat reflecting property makes them suitable to keep the interior of the building warm in winter and cool in summer. They can thus create a comforting environment for the residents while reducing energy costs.

Tin roofs

Tin roofing is another high-quality option available in several varieties. Tin roofing has less installation cost compared to other metals but also offers durability,  as well as the ability to withstand nasty weather conditions which are common here in Kansas City.

Why Professional Quality Matters

Having your roof fixed or replaced is a big investment in your home and a big decision.   The craftsmanship and quality of the installation are a vital factor to ensure a professional end result. Homeowners who hire people with inappropriate qualifications risk numerous problems regardless of the quality of the roofing material that they use. Here are some common roofing pitfalls that can result from failing to hire a professional and reliable Kansas City northland roofing company,  such as Acord Roofing, to do the construction.

Nailing shingles incorrectly

Inexperienced roofers,  or those in a hurry.  may have no time to nail each shingle properly by the prescribed line. This mistake allows the nail to keep punching through the shingle during storms or high winds,  and thus the possibility for them to blow off. Roofing companies can repair this costly mistake if there are only a handful of incorrectly nailed shingles, but they need to replace the entire roof if almost all shingles are not in place.

Sloppy underlayment

Many roofers tend not to tighten the roofing underlayment to prevent water seepage since the shingles cover it. However, the underlayment serves as the last barrier to any water that manages to leak under the shingles via various lines of weakness. These weak points include skylights, chimneys, valleys, and pipes.

Poor installation near chimneys and skylights

Leakages around chimneys and skylights are the most frequent issues that many homeowners experience. Some inexperienced roofers do not know the tactics for installing metal flashing and underlayment around these critical areas. This error can make the paint on interior walls to peel out or, at worse, the growth of mold and fungus, which are very expensive to repair and eliminate.

In conclusion, it is very hard to point out a poorly installed roof by just looking from the ground until issues arise. Homeowners can avoid these common roofing problems by working with a knowledgeable, reliable Kansas City Northland roofing company that cares about their clients and values the quality of their roofing work.